Sven Andrew – Hope (Official Video) | #ElectroPop #Commercial

Hoy te presentamos el nuevo tema de Sven Andrew – Hope master!

Based in Berlin, Germany’s electrifying synth-pop, rock and electronic artist Sven Andrew isn’t afraid to say something meaningful through music. Known for his searing sociopolitical records that question injustice and humanity, Sven leaps deftly over genre boundaries, smashing electronic pop and indie rock together to create his own lane.

Sven’s approach to making music is intuitive and non-conformist — the independent artist sees each new song as an authentic chance to impact, innovate and self-express. 2020 has been a prolific year for Sven Andrew, whose creativity has sprung up from fertile and uncertain ground: Sven released his new album ‘So Much More’ in March, which will be swiftly followed by his newest album ‘Created in Quarantine’, a project written and produced entirely by the artist during lockdown, set for release on 13 March 2021. Lead single ‘Can’t Wait Till This Is All Over, released in July 2020, is a heart-on-sleeve search for humanity and hope — the video explores Sven’s experience and artistic interpretation of the pandemic.

In January, Sven released powerhouse anthem ‘Wasted’ featuring Ray Horton (a member of iconic German R&B group The Real Milli Vanilli, known for their international hit songs ‘Girl I’m Gonna Miss You’ and ‘Girl You Know It’s True’).

Having worked for huge artists from Limp Bizkit to Sunrise Avenue as a live video director, video producer and editor for numerous visuals and shows, Sven’s inexhaustible hyper-creativity continually propels him into new heights. In 2019, Sven’s self-produced official music video for ‘I’m Not Alright’ was screened at the Berlin Music Video Awards, and his follow-up solo Indonesia tour proved his ability to impact global audiences with his art. As a singer, performer, songwriter, filmmaker, and media designer, Sven Andrew has directed, cut and produced every aspect of his own work from day one.

Sven brings a new meaning to the term ‘independent artist’ — and he has the credentials to prove it. Fuelled by freedom of expression, Sven’s burning artistry is balanced by delicate thoughtfulness and meaningful intent. One of the few artists who shakes off commercial expectation to follow his creative intuition, Sven says ‘freedom’ is what drives him to make music: “What fascinates me, and what inspires me about art, is the feeling of freedom. That feeling of being able to say and think about how you really feel. You can let yourself go. You don’t have to please anyone. When I produce music, I just let my soul speak.” Only months after releasing an album, Sven’s passion for creation during a tough year has culminated in his latest project, ‘Created In Quarantine’, starting with lead single ‘Can’t Wait Till This Is All Over’.

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