Sensation Rise Spain 2018 (Official announcement)

Sensation, The World’s Leading Dance Event, presents a brand new show; RISE.

RISE will tour through 4 continents and will be hosted by over 13 countries through 2018, including Madrid next November 3rd.

Tickets now available at

Deviating from the notable centre stage, RISE will mark the beginning of a new era with an end stage set-up, bringing a new Sensation experience to thousands of people around the world. 

Sensation RISE stands for breaking free from the worries and boundaries of daily life, letting go, and rising above yourself to ultimate euphoria. This show embodies the message of freedom and rebirth. It is delicate, transparent, open-minded, and will bring you to a higher state of mind. 

Together, we will be united by the white light and synchronise our hearts to the rhythm of the music.

Brought to life by world-class performers, water fountains, and special effects, we will embark on this adventure with an uplifting and mind-blowing feeling.

Dressed in white, we once again open our minds and indulge our senses with this dazzling experience, where all becomes one. 
Join us for this brand new journey and let us RISE above all.