Rosalie – Hologram (Official Audio) | Electro Pop, Commercial, Adult Contemporary

Hologram blends confessional lyrics into a unique, commercial & chill electronic pop package. Check out the lush post, especially the final one, and the driving bridge

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About the artist
she fell into her friend’s arms as she stepped off, and knew something was wrong. What she didn’t know is that it would take a year for doctors to finally figure it out; and that it would take her years to feel like herself again. Somewhere between holding onto walls to walk and feeling like there was a brick in her brain, Rosalie realized that she couldn’t sing anymore. Once she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, she slowly regained her vibrance and hoped that her voice would find its way back to her. It didn’t.

Rosalie wondered if she would ever be able to sing again. After years of voice therapy – like a musician learning to walk again – she thankfully started to regain her vocal strength and whispery character. The difference was that it had the depth and richness of someone who had been to hell and back.

Prior to getting sick, Rosalie was living in Los Angeles as a folk singer/songwriter, had been named an iHeartRadio Artist to Watch, was playing notable venues such as Hotel Cafe and The Roxy, and received her first major sync placement on Ghost Whisperer. But everything came to a grinding halt when she got sick. Between relapses and flare ups, healing took years; when she finally did recover, she had to start from scratch and climb her way up again. Following the guidance of her intuition, she moved to Nashville for a fresh start, where she humbly started playing open mics as a way to get her performance chops back and figure out why she felt Nashville calling to her.

Along the way, through co-writing and being immersed in the music Nashville has seeping out of every crevice, Rosalie felt a strong pull to explore the rich sonic landscape of current pop music. The results are left-of-center pop that merges the accessibility of catchy melodies, the adventure of programmed beats, the honesty and emotional vulnerability of folk, and the lyrical craft found in Nashville’s unique approach to songwriting.

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