Remy Ondrey – Flip Me Out (Official Audio) | Disco, Electro Pop, Commercial

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Life’s a bitch… let’s make it ours. Margaret River-raised, 18-year-old up-and-coming popstar Remy Ondrey is taking the reins after having his life defined by others for far too long.

With a 90s pop singer mum (we stan!) and an indie rocker dad, it took a while for Remy to define his own music path. Obviously fabulous from birth and a child prodigy, Remy picked up the violin at age four, and was already uploading his song writing efforts and Hannah Montana covers onto YouTube at nine years old.

Early teens were a blessing and a bitch for Remy. He found the violin to be his second voice and began to weave it into his songwriting, but starting high school was also one of the most challenging times of his life. “I was the gayest kid alive at that point, but I didn’t even know it”. His inherent fabulousness had others defining his sexuality before he had a chance to fully realise it for himself. It was to nobody’s surprise when he finally came out, but Remy started toning himself down to be more palatable to others.
Things changed for 14-year-old Remy whose songwriting talents were recognised when one of his songs was selected to have a high budget music clip filmed. The video was screened numerous times in Sydney and at WA’s forward-leaning Emergence Creative Festival. As the video circled the school and every one of his teachers and peers were talking about it, it gave him the confidence boost to stop filtering himself.

The ‘gayest kid alive’ has sure come a long way. Now defining his own life with passion and personality, Remy Ondrey’s brand new single Flip Me Out is an upbeat, disco-inspired tribute to finding love for the first time. With bright violin lines, housy beats, and a whole lot of sass, this 18-year-old is all about making pop music (and life) his bitch.

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