Lee Roy Mon’do – Don’t Wanna Go Home (Official Video) | #LoFi #Breakbeat #Synthwave #Retrowave

Hoy te presentamos el nuevo tema de Lee Roy Mon’do – Don’t Wanna Go Home!

Lee Roy Mon’do – Don’t Wanna Go Home

About the artist
My passion for music started when my parents bought a piano. I was 6 years old. I dreamed of being able to play Bach and Chopin and trained several hours a day, by my self and with a personal teacher. Some years later, beginning 70ties, I got impressed by the keyboard sounds of Keith Emerson ( Emerson, Lake and Palmer), playing on the Moog synthesizer. I did a lot of jobs to earn enough money to buy my first Moog, followed by Korg MS 20 and Roland Juno 60. When I was 14, I did my first live performance. It was the time when I first heard of Giorgio Morodor. For me he is the pioneer of electronic dance music and key influencer of new wave and house. When I graduated from University and started my first job as a lawyer, I played less and less music, although my passion for it remained very vivid and I kept following the music scene very closely. For some years I was a huge fan of Trance music, and when I first heard the sounds of the young Avicii, I wanted to start composing again. I bought my first DAW with many synth plug ins, such as Nexus, Native Instruments, Omnisphere and produced my first songs.

My favorite genres: Trance, Progressive House, Disco House, Nu Disco

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