EMM – Rebecca (Official Audio) | #ElectroPop #Commercial

Hoy te presentamos el nuevo tema de EMM – Rebecca!

„L.A pop artist EMM is not an easy woman to introduce. For all the right reasons. Aside from her incredible talent as a vocalist—the only artist to ever have me belting out a chorus upon first listen—she promotes a persona rarely seen in the pastel pop world, that of a woman who doesn’t cater to the entertainment of others. EMM’s arresting voice quickly takes command, begging to be heard without any expectation of praise. Because this song wasn’t written for the accolades. In truth, none of her songs are. They are all created for the sole purpose of therapeutic writing.” – EARMILK

In an era where female pop artists are taught to “stay in the box” and be agreeable, Emm stands out as a true artist – outspoken, self-directed, and unafraid of being the first to do something new. Her infallible vocal prowess and strong lyrical voice easily compete with the greatest divas topping the charts today. However, her unique perspective as a producer, classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and life-long songwriter has given her an authentic blend of sonics and stories that make every song deeply personal. She is the definition of a thriving independent artist: calling all the shots in her own career, making her visions come to life, having a hand in every sonic choice and every melody you hear, betting on herself, and standing up for what she believes in most.

Impossible to control, and impossible to contain, Emm is a force – And she is just getting started.

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