Mihail – Let’s Make Love (Lookout Tower Acoustic Session Part. 3)

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Mihail – Let’s Make Love
Composed by Mihail Sandu & Sergiu Socaciu
Lyrics by Mihail Sandu
Published by Roton Music Publishing
© & (P) 2015 ROTON MUSIC

Directed by Dima Dimov
DD Visual, Aerial Shots EXE Vision
Crew Dima Dimov, Alexandru Maxim, Pavel Curagau, Anda Dumitriu, Kiny Angel, Simi Lisnic

Special thanks : Boaca Bogdan Mihai, Andrei Ghilea, Ionut Denes, Tonea Tobias, Loredana Hrinciuc, Pavel Curagau, Primaria Cluj Napoca, restaurant « Lucas «



I’m easy, because I can’t fall in love
I’ve tried many times but I end up babe breaking hearts.
I feel easy kissing girls then leave them crying
I’m going on my way without looking behind

But if you’re lonely come with me
And I will show babe you how to get free
Yeah yeah it s getting cold
Babe babe let’s make love

Under the blue sky is better view
One love movie babe we’re gonna do
Yeah yeah it s getting cold
Babe babe let s make love

I’m easy, cause I don’t want to keep you mine,
I’d make some mistakes and sooner or later
You will want me to die

So that’s why I’m easy
Stiling, breaking, acting insane, I guess
There in my world is no one whom I have to explain

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