Geo Da Silva with Saftik and Royaal – How Many Shots?


Butterfly Records Presents:
Geo Da Silva with Saftik and Royaal-How Many Shots?
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This single includes some parts from Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three released in 1984 at Reality Records (New York, U.S.)

Press Release:
One more single out now!!
While you were sitting at home these last months, playing with your play-stations, studying for your exams or getting ready for going to job, Geo Da Silva°s team was busy getting ready to launch for you party people a new single of his yet-to-go album: °How Many Shots?°
It°Øs the result of a collaboration of our super-dooper, fanciful and marvelous artist Geo da Silva, of the amazing, masterly and already well known Dj Royaal, who was fundamental also for the last successful release and will surely be for the next ones, Tony Tomas with his great writing skills, and Dj Saftik who was involved in this and many other past and future projects because of his great talent, demonstrated by the winning remixes for Geo, and experience, gained through important collaborations and remixes on studio.
The result of the work of these music genies was a new energetic song, ideal as to be heard in discos and clubs,but also as a radio-hit, which will surely conquer your hearts, making them bounce at the same rhythm of the song. Get ready to be hit by the sound waves of this song at all the craziest, noisiest, most crowded parties of the year, some real binges. They end the Spring strong, with a solid artist hot single, one that will even be pop enough to crack the charts.
Check it out and enjoy! The Fiesta will soon be started!!,